It’s here,
the all new Fitdock App.
this app is only compatible for devices that use
iOS 11.0/Android OS 6.0 and above, if you are using a
software version that is earlier than this you may
experience issues when using and/or not be able to use
the app or any functions on the app.
Fitdock App

Fitdock records your daily activities and can combine with smart exercise equipment to automatically track your health progress. On top of recording your heart rate and sleep data, the app also records individual exercise workouts within the app.

We are passionate about helping you through your fitness journey for a healthier lifestyle. Constant and consistent workouts will lead to improvements in your health. The Fitdock app is perfect for keeping you informed and on track of your progress.

Build a healthier lifestyle
Analyze your workouts deeper with intuitive chats that let you see how you performed during exercise sessions.
You’ll be able to find all your data here and easily check your pace, step frequency heart rate and calories burned during any specific training session to understand how you are performing.
If you have questions about this app, please contact us at